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Windows Networking (Client End)

From Computer First Aid Using Knoppix by Cedric Shock and Susan Sullivan, used with permission.

To rescue use SMB (Windows Networking), you need a connection to a local area network, and another computer running on the network, with a shared folder you can access. If your local area network that was not automatically configured properly, see Local Area Networks.

Before you begin, you will need to know the following information about the other computer:
Computer Name:
Shared Folder:

If the computer is running windows 95, 98, or ME and does not require a password for the shared folder, the username is "guest" and the password is blank.

At this point there are two options for connecting to the computer. The first option is slightly easier, but doesn't always work; try it first. The second option is a little harder, but is rock solid.

The Command Line

Click on the in the lower left hand corner of the screen. This will bring up a menu like the Windows Start Menu. Enter the "KNOPPIX" submenu and select "Root Shell". This will open a window with a light blue prompt that reads something like

root@ttyp0 / #
  • Type cd /mnt and press enter. The prompt should now read
root@ttyp0 mnt #
  • Type mkdir /mnt/shared and press enter. This makes a directory (folder) on this computer that will represent the shared folder on the other computer.
  • Type, substituting the information garnered above for the parts in bold:
    • mount -t smbfs -o uid=knoppix,workgroup=Workgroup,username=Username,password=Password //Computer Name/Shared Folder /mnt/shared

and press enter. This attaches, or "mounts", the other computer's shared folder to the folder we created.
Close this window.

N.B. if the username, password or UNC (Universal Naming Convention) path to the shared folder on the remote machine contains spaces you can enclose/delimit them with single quotes e.g.
username='My Username Has Spaces'
password='My Password Has Spaces'
'// Shared Folder'

Open a new Konqueror window by clicking on the at the bottom of the screen (it is the 4th from the left). In the address bar, after where it reads X> Location: type "file:/mnt/shared/" and press enter. This window is now displaying the shared directory on the other computer.

LISa and Konqueror

From this thread by mkklavs:


  • A Run this command at a non-root console :
    • wget && chmod +x && sudo ./


  • B
  1. Go to, click Edit at the bottom, and copy the script out of the textarea box.
  2. Save it as wherever you want.
  3. Run chmod +x from a console in the directory where you saved the file.
  4. Run sudo ./ from the same directory.

Either way, you assume the risk of running this script; you take full responsibility. It's not likely it will be a problem, but posting on a Wiki or linking to an external site does not provide security against modifications. It's possible for the script to be altered, so you should examine it yourself before running it.

After doing that, open Konqueror, click the Services icon on the left side of the folder tree (the one on the bottom, use tooltips to help), and click LAN Browser. You should be able to browse Windows/SMB shares on your LAN.