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  • If you use an old Knoppix version you may need to install LVM tools first. Version 5.0.1 and later (at least) already have the packages and dm-mod module loaded, and the following first steps are not necessary.
# modprobe dm-mod
# apt-get update
# apt-get install lvm-common lvm2

If you needed the above steps, remember that the tools are in /lib/lvm-200 
but if you don't want to type the complete path, you may link them into /usr/bin.

# lndir /lib/lvm-200/ /usr/sbin/

  • To use existing volume groups you have to activate them.

# vgscan
# vgchange -a y
  • To mount a logical volume first find out what it is called, unless you know already. Use lvs or vgdisplay/lvdisplay for this.

# lvs
LV   VG   Attr   LSize Origin Snap%  Move Log Copy%
home vg   -wi-ao 2.09G
var  vg   -wi-ao 1.32G
  • In this example, the volume group 'vg' contains two logical volumes, called 'home' and 'var'. To mount the 'home' volume:

# mount /dev/vg/home /mnt/tmp
# ls /mnt/tmp
lost+found   fuzzy   joe   mp3
  • The volumes can be accessed with names /dev/<vg>/<lv> or /dev/mapper/vg-lv. For example, the file /dev/vg/home is a symbolic link to /dev/mapper/vg-home, and you can use either name to mount it.