Complete list of packages included with Knoppix

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In the GNU/Linux world, software comes bundled in "packages." The list of packages included in a specific version of Knoppix varies based on (a) the Knoppix version number and (b) whether you have the CD or the DVD distribution.

List of Packages for the Current Version

The list of packages for the current version of Knoppix is always available in the same place that Knoppix itself is available: at each of the Knoppix mirrors. The list of mirrors may change from time to time; the current official list is here:

The list of packages for the CD is in a file called "packages.txt". The list of packages for the DVD is in a file called "packages-dvd.txt". In both cases, the files are located in the root of the mirror. So if your best mirror is:

the files will be:

List of Packages for Previous Versions

We do not currently have any information on obtaining the list of packages for previous versions of Knoppix. If you can help, please edit this page.