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Loving Knoppix. I use it to demonstrate Linux at our local Linux Users Group:

Useful links on this site:

Standard response for HW&Boot questions

Some questions:
- What version of Knoppix are you using?
- Have you looked at the [url=]Tips&Tricks[/url] section of the Cheatcodes page?
- If yes, what boot options did you try and how far did you get in the boot process?
- Are you getting any error messages and, if yes, what exactly do they say?

- Robert

Introductory questions

Hello and welcome to

We hope that you enjoy your use of Knoppix and hope you become an active member of the community. There's no membership fee. We just ask that you help us and others by becoming familiar with Knoppix, posting questions, and letting the rest of us know how things go. Also, I noticed that you joined recently and so was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions.

  1. - How did you hear about Knoppix?
  2. - How did you discover
  3. - What versions of Knoppix have you tried?
  4. - What type of system are you running Knoppix on?
  5. - What operating system is currently installed on that system?
  6. - How long have you been using computers, or how familiar are you with computers?
  7. - Have you used linux before? If so, how long?
  8. - What do you hope to do with Knoppix or Linux?
  9. - Are you familiar with a wiki? If so, have you used a wiki before, e.g wrote some content?

These questions are for my curiosity only. They won't be compiled or given to anyone else. I thank you in advance for your responses.

And if you do something with Knoppix however small, please tell us about it, either on the forums or on the wiki page.

- Robert