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20060710 - This model is very nice! It allows you to start with the basics then taylor for your needs. Keep up the great work!

20060718 - Also take a look at . It is very nice as well.

Another good one is SNIa 20:59, 25 Feb 2007 (GMT)

Modified kernels and initrd ?

Yes, this worked fine to set up a knoppix from scratch. I had to run it on a debian system first; then I got something that I could 'chroot' into under RedHat.

A few extra items I would like help with ...

  • If I want to plug in a modified kernel (built for '686 and maybe with the 'no timer tick' patch), what do I have to do ? Presumably I need to build the kernel, make an 'initrd', and rebuild the boot directory; can you do me a 'howto' ?
I can work on a modified and or custom kernel