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Describe bugs/3.4 here.

Bug reporting for Knoppix version 3.4 2004-05-03 only.

Give as much information as possible, add your bug to the list by clicking 'edit' at the bottom of this page.

!Please also add your name in brackets after the bug!

Keep in mind that FF=Fabianx though, so I have to write less ;-). The next number below means the next "free" bug number. Please increment it, after adding a bug.

Open Bugs (next number=38)

36. Tekram 390u SCSI controller fails with NCR53c8xx.o kernel module

The autoconfiguration fails for the Tekram 390U SCSI controller. It finds the controller, finds the devices but fails with a timeout message. What I can see is that the controller is constantly reset. As far as I remember, I tried another SCSI driver for the NCR53c8xx chipset, with the same result.

This error was unexpected because the Tekram 390U normally works with this driver. No problems at all with, for example, the SuSE Live-CDs (from 7.3 up to 9.0!!!). (submitted by cyrusdreams)

35. sftp/scp fail transferring large (>200MB) files [[[Red Charlie]]] Running Knoppix 3.4 03May2004 on two machines (both using kernel2.6) from sftp: sftp> lcd KNOPPIX_V3.3-2003-09-24-EN sftp> !ls KNOPPIXV3.3-2003-09-24-EN.iso KNOPPIXV3.3-2003-09-24-EN.iso.md5.asc KNOPPIX_V3.3-2003-09-24-EN.iso.md5 sftp> put KNOPPIX_V3.3-2003-09-24-EN.iso Uploading KNOPPIXV3.3-2003-09-24-EN.iso to /stage/home/KNOPPIXV3.3-2003-09-24 -EN.iso Uploading KNOPPIXV3.3-2003-09-24-EN.iso to /stage/home/KNOPPIXV3.3-2003-09-24 -EN.iso Received disconnect from UNKNOWN: 2: Corrupted MAC on input.

I can get between 150 to 400 MB copied via either sftp or scp before it dies. I can run sshd on either machine and replicate the problem (err msg can vary, however.--sorry don't remember the other variants right now).

plain old ftp seems to work just fine, so I don't think it's my nics/switch

pertinent dmesg output (from machine running off of cd, other box is hdd install with two nics, doing NAT): Linux version 2.6.5 (root@Knoppix) (gcc version 2.95.4 20011002 (Debian prerelease)) #1 SMP Sat May 1 22:31:22 CEST 2004 ... eth0: Realtek RTL8201 PHY transceiver found at address 1. eth0: Using transceiver found at address 1 as default eth0: SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet at 0xd400, IRQ 10, 00:0d:87:7a:7e:40. eth0: Media Link On 100mbps full-duplex agpgart: Unsupported SiS chipset (device id: 0635)

( oh, I see this page has also some problems. The first character in the filename is Ccaron , unicode number 0x01c and 0x01d ) (David - xerces8@butn.NOOSPAAAAM.net)

31.Monitor shuts down when about to open xsession. Most probable cause is outdated "savage_drv.o" savage driver in /usr/X11R6. Have to use "fb1280x1024" at boot prompt as a workaround but this issue with video card sa3 savage pro km133/266 is already addressed by other distros.bongski55

3. the XHTML editior display germany on the english edition

  • Any ideas how to fix that? (FF)

9.I cannot use my 120 GB hard disk connected to an ITE8212 PCI EIDE controller. I can compile the driver found at www.ite.com.tw (just like I used to do with Knoppix 3.3) but now when I make "modprobe iteraid" I get an "insmod failed" error message. added by A. Platania

  • more details may help, which kernel? did you use the gcc for that kernel (is it 2.9.95 for both kernels) to compile the module? (bfree)

10. well also with the "Resize and Rotate" 0.5 on the lower right conner Under KDE,it's great but if you choose to switch to a smaller screen size (let's say 1024x768 to 800 x600) KDE bug? try bugs.kde.org you won't see the KDE Panel (the button bar) again. (I have to press <Ctrl> + + to kill X) (but ofcouse, I could still press + <F1> to get the Application Menu)

  • there is a commandline tool to (re)set the resolution from a command line, that's how I got out of it! Someone edit this and put in the command! (bfree)

14. post install the configuration file "lilo.conf" tries to boot with lang=de on a english knoppix by default.

  • Verified. Does only apply to beginner and knoppix-mode.

21. and as reported by someone on the Knoppix taiwan knoppix branch, and tested by my self the cdrom automount feature didn't work with kernel 2.6 (but floppy was fine)

22. In the English version Open Office.org shows Germen in some menus, like File/New and File/Auto Pilot.

24. I could not format diskette while using Knoppix 3.4 booting from CD. The Kfloppy progres bar was stuck at 0%. While trying to open the floppy, I had an error message "/mnt/floppy doesn't exit". Is it a bug ?

  • Same here. Booting Knoppix 3.4-2004-05-17 "fromhd". Formatting MS-DOS disks did work in 3.3 but in 3.4 it gives the above stated error message. I have to use fdformat and mformat on Knoppix 3.4 to be able to format disks. :(

25. When I start up Xine in 2.6, it opens up, and then a second later it closes. I've tried starting up xine multiple times and it closes like that every time. This doesn't happen in 2.4 though.

  • chealerAT sfdotnet reproduces on 2 installs out of 2 with default xine-ui 0.99.1-1. Also seems specific to 2.6. To be more precise it appears to crash when mouse leaves a button of the user interface.

28. Wine will not load applications. Error "wine: cannot find <file>.exe" I've tried a few applications like Mini Soft 92 for Windows and Winamp. I've gone through the configuration a few times. I've added the drive/directories to the default path where the program is located. There were no spaces in the filenames or directories.

30. Kpaint crashes when trying to save files to a rw-mounted drive. It also crashes when trying to open a file.

37. /etc/X11/Xsession.options has "use-ssh-agent" but ssh-agent is not being run at initialization and applications do not inherit the necessary SSH environment variables. Appears to be related to inconsistencies in Xsession.d scripts. See ssh-agent and KNOPPIX for details and discussion.

38. LVM2 Package missing. The 2.6 Kernel does not longer support LVM1, the LVM2 package is required for accessing LVM volumes. lvm-common will handle this transparent.

Pending Bugs (will be fixed in next version)

33. Centrino driver for 2.6 is compiled with gcc-3.3: Should be gcc-2.95 (FF)

  • Should be fixed in 2004-05-16. (FF)

Resolved Bugs - Fixed in next version

29. Is loop-aes supported on the 2.6 kernel? `losetup -e AES128 /dev/loop0 /e/work-urd` returns an error. root@ttyp0sda1# losetup -e aes /dev/loop0 /etc/cryptfile Password: * ioctl: LOOPSETSTATUS: Invalid argument

  • this happens if I use twofish, aes128, etc., and the modules are loaded!
    • should be fixed in 2004-05-16. (FF)

* I can confirm that this is fixed in V3.4-2004-05-17 with kernel 2.6.6 - Joseph Reagle (reporter)

1. I have to boot with "noscsi" parameter under my old notebook (celeron w/ Intel 440 chipset) and another desktop PC (P-III w/ Intel 815 chipset), the same problem also apper on my other PC w/ a SIS730 chipset (all the above PCs have no SCSI hardware)

  • Thats no real bug. I also have to do this. SCSI is very difficult to detect without crashing machines. If you have SCSI there is also "nobootscsi", which should leave hwsetup do some SCSI detection and just removes the "agressive" probing. (FF)
    • I think I just found out that I have to use the "noscsi" boot parameter on any PC (atlease 5 different one tested no metter AMD or intel cpu, new or old PC, intel chipset or sis chipset event inside the latest vmware 4.5.1) to boot with kernel 2.6 I still needed to use the "noscsi" parameter,
    • has anyone able to boot up knoppix 3.4 w/ kernel 2.6 without using "noscsi" parameter ?

* Will be fixed in next version (FF)

2. the same "time zone bug" in the C'T edition as well as knoppix 3.3 2003-02-09 is back again.

  • I had this problem with all 3.4 editions I tried (I think), and determined the problem was that when hwclock is called in knoppix-autoconfig, TZ is not exported (and never is) so hwclock does not know what timezone to set the clock to and hence the time is unlikely to be right (I think it will be right in germany). The fix is to export TZ and run hwclock after that (move both calls to after the code which picks up the possible TZ cheatcode). (bfree)
    • bfree, Could you send a working patch to debian-knoppix ? (FF)

* Will be fixed in next version. (FF)

  • I was in hong kong and was not possible to get a hand on the 3.4 Ce Bit edition before and too bad I didn't know how to fix those bugs, but you could simply boot up with KDE and see if the time on the lower right conner is correct on all pcs.
    • Well as I am in germany its no obvious bug ;-).
  • here is the previous time zone bug solution from Tim Pope (which already applied on knoppix v3.3-20040216) [1]
    • That patch was fully applied by Klaus. So it did not work. (FF)

* I don't know why it didn't work on knoppix 3.4 200405004 EN, but the current Pollix 2004-03-09 (a remaster base on Knoppix 3.4 C'T edition) has applied that patch and it works there (w/ 2.6.1):-D is this mean the old patch doesn't work with kernel 2.6.(5) only ?

* and here is the changelog of pollix 2004-03-09 [2]

* actually did Tim Pope supply another Patch this year ? I mean the one used on knoppix 3.3 2004-02-16 is that a different patch?

** Just ask author of pollix (FF)

** in fact I had lunch with the author of pollix today (who's a tutor in my school course :D ) but he confirmed that there's only one patch from Tim Pope and its fixed the time zone bug on pollix (w/ kernel 2.6.1).

4."boot: knoppix26 noapic" things go fine until probing SCSI, then seg fault in megaraid.o, boot hangs Via KM400 chipset, Samsung SATA hdd 3.4 c't "boot: knoppix26 noapic" works fine--no tulip driver tho'  :( FYI 3.4 c't 2.6 detects SATA drive and assigns it /dev/hde

  • Solution: "knoppix26 noapic noscsi" should work for you. If you are more expericenced "knoppix26 noapic modules-disk" brings you in expert mode for the first "stage" of boot. Or even try "expert26 noapic". (FF)

5. Similar to 4. when booting knoppix26 (2.4 works fine, apic no probblem) Olivetti MB, Celeron 500 with 384MB RAM. System contains a Promise Ultra66 card (perhaps relevant to problem).

  • knoppix26 noscsci, knoppix26 modules-disk, please see 4) (FF)

6. Asus A7N8X motherboard, aic7xxx scsi-card, GeForce4 graphics, and tulip nic. Works fine with 2.4 kernel. With 2.6 kernel, system boots up and then freezes after about 10 seconds. This is the case even when not starting X, noscsi (but for some reason megaraid detected??--this board doesn't have raid), noapic... <<<<<<< Your version

  • I did my harddisk installation by booting with kernel 2.6 using the "fromhd=" parameter
  • Are 4-6 all #1 again or at least seriously related? (bfree)
  • 6) Please add more information, it seems to be 4), 5) though. (FF)

The following items, 7 & 8, appended by user J.Drake:

Here's my HW configuration - HPPavilion 735n, with second HD, see [3]

The 2.4 kernel works fine for me.

I have bug #1 and 2 also, but #1 is only present with knoppix26. I'm having some kind of unexplainable time zone problem, Date and hour seems to stay where it was when I last logged off, but minutes are correct.

7. In 2.6, I don't get the sound files (woman's voice) on startup and shutdown. I am able to play music using XMMS (the Magic Mushrooms cut on the Knoppix CD). -> they should be completely removed altogether

  • Linux Tag once paid a high amount of money for them and its a contribution to Open Music. (FF)

12. The font "Nimbus Sans L" is condensed (it shouldn't be) when Anti Aliasing is switched on. This was not the case in earlier Knoppix versions.

13. during installation, there were some file missing error (some .mozilla configuration files), after installation, it won't boot, lilo refuse to run and saids that the partition table is different compare to "/proc/partitions"

  • Please next time reboot after partitioning, before installing. Of course this needs to be added as an explanation to the installer (FF).

15. Same bug as #1, and I can't access the cd-rw and dvd player unless I manually modify fstab when I use the noscsi cheat code. Related?

  • Strange bug. (FF)

16. live installer is unable to install nvidia driver if using kernel2.6

  • Known problem, sorry had not had the time to update the live-installer. (FF)

17. Boot floppies creation undocumented in 3.4

  • The faq for knoppix 3.4 still refers to the 3.3 way of using rawrite to create boot floppies. But on the cd there are no disk images. Further it is not documented how to use the isolinux directory to create boot floppies. How is his done?

In fact, the procedure to use /KNOPPIX/boot.img is still all over the FAQs and docs etc, it is even still on the main page [4] It is very* confusing to newbies to read this and find the image is not on the 3.4 CD, I guess many would give it up in disgust from there.

    • Solution here: [5] (FF)

* No, there is no solution in that thread, not on the documentation bug presented, and no real solution on the issue either.

18. problem when using Java applet to communicate, I mean you couldn't login using ICQ2GO under mozilla ([6] as in Knoppix 3.4 C'T edition (well but we still have Gaim) but since I use another remaster "a lot" for "Java development" called pollix ([7] so I think problems running Java is also important (at least to me) same problem was discovered on the C'T edition too, but I had now idea how to report that before.

  • Any idea how to fix that? (FF)

19. this not a bug, but wish list :D : well someone name oscar is hoping to have serial mouse support in the 2.6 kernel, and I think Apache 2 (httpd 2.0) will run faster on kernel 2.6.

  • Any idea how to add serial mouse support? What has changed for Kernel 2.6 (FF)

20. Just noticed that the time is no longer correct with the new version. it seems to be 6 hours behind. This happens with 2 different machines. We're in the EST time zone. If you go to adjust the time it prompts for the root password. If you put a blank password in, it comes back saying its incorrect. if you su in console and change the password from blank to something else and use that to change the time - the system seems to lockup/reboot/crash.

---Second attempt seemed to work fine - screen went black and then it came back with the correct time. (But Knoppix 3.3 did not have to be setup for the clock)

  • Well, there is new timezone parameter. It seems #2 indeed does work ;-) (FF)

11. captive-ntfs dosn't work properly

  • I've mounted the ntfs partition with ntfs read only driver and copy the required files (ntfs.sys, ntoskrnl.exe) and optional files (cdfs.sys, fastfat.sys) to /var/lib/captive.
    Then I started the aquire driver utility (Knoppix/Utilities/captive-ntfs-aquire) which found the drivers.
    After mounting the ntfs partion with captive-ntfs I did a ls -l command on root (what worked) and a more command with boot.ini. The boot.ini showed nothing. With the ro-ntfs driver it worked.
  • Verified: There are several bugs at once. Expect a bugfix soooon ;-) In fact there is one library problem (renamed and problem seems to be on upstream site expecting too much) and one missing library problem iirc. (FF)
    • Fixed in 2004-5-10. (FF)

Invalid - Can't repoduce

23. Poor-mans install hangs at about 92% and after a couple of minutes, the installer responds that the hard drive may be full. This is not the case. Same error is reported using knoppix24 or knoppix26 tohd=/dev/hda5 or what ever your partition may be.

  • Can't reproduce here. I think your CD may be defective or a problem with your HD or the filesystem really is full. At least its no problem that I can solve. (FF)

28. In 2.4 I don't get the woman's voice. The sound works fine in everything else. But if I install Pingus using the "install software from the internet while running form the CD" utility, then everything loses sound.

  • Can't reproduce. Pingus works fine here. (FF)

Invalid - Not Knoppix Bug

8. In 2.6, the mouse (optical PS/2 HP Pavilion made by Logitech) seems more sluggish.

  • Well most users reported the opposite. Mouse is much fast with Kernel 2.6, but you can change that, but I forgot how. Simply no knoppix-problem. (FF)

26. KDE Settings Assistant tampers with font settings. This might be a KDE related bug which Knoppix can't do anything about: Using the KDE Settings Assistant to turn on font anti-aliasing, it also changes all the standard fonts to Nimbus Sans L12 which is just impossible to read with either anti-aliasing on or off.

  • Please report to KDE maintainers - bugs.kde.org. (FF)

27. The Kuickshow image viewer program doesn't show images in fullscreen mode. It shows only a black monitor. This bug does't depend on the Kernel choice at boot time.

  • Please report to KDE maintainers - bugs.kde.org. (FF)

32. Wishlist: "novoice" cheatcode to suppress the voice at boot & shutdown

  • Invalid: Use "nosound" ;-).

live installer is unable to install nvidia driver if using kernel2.6