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  • a Real windowz replacement Desktop Linux:
    • should run on any machine starting from 386/486 cpu with 32mb ram...
    • Xinerama
    • tinyX or other small X
    • with wine (or cedega?) preinstalled and configured, ready to run many windowz progz
    • with rdesktop, vnc, ica client, and other clients ready to connect to any terminal server and can also act as one.
    • preinstalled all small apps for everyday use: browser, mail, office suite, etc...
    • clustering will be great here. so that less used pc can give their cpu power to other pc that is heavily used.
      • i'd try lots of so-called small distro, like damnsmall, puppy, feather, etc... none of them runs on my pentium I 150mhz, 32mb ram, 1gig hdd
  • Would be great if Knoppix could be modified to save user data back to the CD-RW or DVD that it boots from, ala Puppy Linux (http://www.goosee.com/puppy/) (I know there's not much room on the CD but it would be cool if bookmarks, passwords, form information, etc. could be saved (to a USB key would be even better.)
  • NTFS Support!!!
    • i think it's already a lot distro support ntfs.
  • How about adding Tor (http://tor.eff.org/) functionality to the CD?
    • Actually, I successfully did a remastering whith working tor + privoxy + squid, and it was easy to do it... (public version will be ready to download in october at streambox.org).
  • I think a knoppix live CD configured as a webcam monitor would be a very useful tool. Use motion detection to trigger snapshots and either archive output to HD, use ftp to transfer to another server or email off site. If anyone already knows a distro that will do this then please comment here or let me know via /c/o/n/s/u/l/t/./j/s/@gmail.com (remove /'s) Thanks.
    • if you dont mind you can use a hardware, like asus wl500g, which also powered by linux inside.
  • A basic knoppix with hlds (half-life dedicated server) pre-installed, and all configs pointed to the floppy drive (they'll only need to be read once anyway, you can swap configs easily without recompiling.
  • I would like to see a "safe internet client" customization, that allows to turn any PC with an internet connection into a public internet terminal, where different users can surf the internet, check email, chat IRC etc. without compromising the PCs harddisk. All personal data (emails, notes, downloads)should be storable on a USB Stick or Floppy (if Floppyspace is enough). A nice option would be the use of the usb stick/floppy as personal boot device with automatic logon for that particular user. It would be important to have the option to lock the cd-drive with a supervisor password, so nobody can boot the original OS from harddisk. (Wilhelm Koehler)
    • Wilhelm - have you tried Kannotix - I would say that that would meet your spec pretty closely.
    • Think you are asking too much re locking CD - you would be better off disabling the other OS or removing it
  • I'd like a Knoppix CD with NTFS support (ro is fine), NWFS support (if anyone can do it!), and Mondo/Mindi. This would make a seriously handy DR-generator. I'm in the process of generating this myself, but it's my first go at remastering Knoppix, I'm doing it on a *very* slow machine, and I suspect someone else will be able to do a much better job ;-). Vic.
  • I'd like a Knoppix CD with gmailfs support. Ideally there would be a costumization tool that asks you for one or more accounts and passwords and adds them to the CD image before you burn it so that each CD would access and mount its owners' accounts automatically, read the configuration from there, store it back there, and store the /home directory for each user in his own gmail account. Also perhaps, to protect the account, the CD should ask for a password (perhaps the same as for the account) before allowing any logins. Of course, one would have to configure the network connection before one can mount any gmail account, but I'm sure someone who -unlike me- knows enough of this matters will be able to find a way.