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This was one of the first and best supported wireless 802.11b pcmcia cards under Linux.
It is still one of the best cards for compatability, not just with Linux, but with several networking programs that work under Linux like NETstumbler and airsnort. Unfortunately, it tends to be very overpriced and can usually not be found at major retailers, but must be obtained mail order, if available at all.
==== Linksys ====
==== Linksys ====

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Linksys WPC55AG

Here is a link to a forum discussion about this card: http://www.knoppix.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12351


Netgear WG111

Configuring the WG111 to use WPA-PSK on a wireless network

This card works very well in Knoppix 3.9 using ndiswrapper, but is as of yet untested in other versions of Knoppix (to my knowledge).

  • Commands:

Assuming that the drivers are on the cd in /dev/cdrom, then

mount /dev/cdrom/ /mnt/cdrom/

Find ndiswrapper configuration under Knoppix->Network/Internet and select netwg111.inf from /mnt/cdrom. After that finishes, create the configuration file that you will need shortly using the following command:

wpa_passphrase MySSIDHere MyPassphraseHere > /home/knoppix/wpa_supplicant.conf 

Now, use your favorite text editor (if you don't have one, try Kate under the menu item Editors) and edit the /home/knoppix/wpa_supplicant.conf you just created (see sample below).

With that completed, run the following command. Warning: As it is, the command will monopolize your current command window with potentially useful debugging output, including your encryption key; add -B if you would rather run it in the background (useful when you know it works already), remove -K to hide your key.

sudo wpa_supplicant -ddKt -i wlan0 -c /home/knoppix/wpa_supplicant.conf -Dndiswrapper

The following grabs an IP address if you use DHCP from your router.

sudo pump -i wlan0

And finally, tell Knoppix where to go to find the internet.

sudo route add default gw <Gateway/Router IP address here> 
  • wpa_supplicant.conf

Note: the bold lines were added in the editing steps for my Linksys WRT54G Router to accept the card. See the Useful Links at the end for a full explanation of all options that can be put in here.

psk=hex representation of the passphrase
  • Useful Links:

Wireless card success story (where I located the pump command)

Example wpa_supplicant.conf with full explanations and various configurations


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