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New Wiki!

  • PHPWiki has a nasty security hole and had to reinstall the server to be sure all the nasties are gone
  • To upgrade to the latest version of PHPWiki requires this same process ( copy and pasting ) as the syntax is different, ie no upgrade script.
  • So the oppunity is taken to upgrade to MediaWiki, the software that powers and is unquestionably going to be more stable and supported becasue of this. Also supports better spam prevention due to logins.
  • Also a few people had commented that the wiki was a mess and it was getting a bit that way so a chance to clean it up
  • I've paid a developer to write a phpwiki 2 mediawiki syntax converter. It's not perfect and you will need to clean up the output. ( if you are good at php and regex and want to try to make it work better email me! )
  • The list of old pages and a link to their old content and an automatically converted ( but will need fixing ) is at
  • The list of new pages is Special:Allpages
  • The page names will be different. E.g. KnoppixCustomisations will become Knoppix Customisations
  • The syntax of mediawiki is different to phpwiki. For help:
  • Obviously some of the pages do not need to be converted, e.g. the PHPwiki specific pages, or plugin pages.
  • Keep the list below in alphabetical order and sign your name by typing --~~~~

We'll do the homepage of the wiki last, once all the pages are done.