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Loving Knoppix. I use it to demonstrate Linux at our local Linux Users Group:

Useful links on this site:

Standard response for HW&Boot questions:

Some questions:
- What version of Knoppix are you using?
- Have you looked at the [url=]Tips&Tricks[/url] section of the Cheatcodes page?
- If yes, what boot options did you try and how far did you get in the boot process?
- Are you getting any error messages and, if yes, what exactly do they say?

- Robert

Introductory questions

Hello and welcome to  I noticed that you joined recently and so was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions.

- How did you hear about Knoppix?
- How did you discover
- What version of Knoppix are you using?
- What type of system are you running Knoppix on?
- What operating system is currently installed on that system?
- How long have you been using computers, or how familiar are you with computers?
- Have you used linux before?  If so, how long?
- What do you hope to do with Knoppix or Linux?
- Are you familiar with a wiki?  If so, have you used a wiki before, e.g wrote some content?

These questions are for my curiosity only.  They won't be compiled or given to anyone else.  I thank you in advance for your responses.

- Robert