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add network card and sound detection

Of Realtek ALC1200 and PCIe Gb LAN controller featuring AI NET2 (e.g. MB ASUS P5Q-PRO). So i can use sound and network.

Include edd.ko

Edd allows the disk parameters to be read directly from the harddisk (sectors, heads). This is neccessary when using knoppix for Client-imaging processes (in connection with imaging XP and writing a valid boot sector). The edd.ko is very small but would help a lot! I've found another users request for edd.ko in knoppix: Thanks! dschnitzer

saved files warning on shutdown

Have it check the desktop and home directory for saved files when the user tries to shutdown. If files exist prompt to ask them if they want to continue with shutdown or continue the session so they can upload the files someplace.

Multiple Logins in Knoppix

I recently had an idea for non-server type computers. This would be implementable on Knoppix, but could be applied to any distribution.

Right now, "knoppix home=scan" will scan media for a knoppix.img file.


It would be cool if the system looked for all files called "home-*.img". For example, I might have a home-hal.img file which would be an encrypted filesystem containg the user hal's home directory.

Suppose it found two files: home-hal.img and home-dave.img. Then the login screen would show four user options: default, hal, dave, and new. Default would create a home directory in the ramdisk using the default settings, just like Knoppix does now.

If I chose hal, it would ask for a passphrase. If that passphrase works on the encrypted home directory, then it would add hal to /etc/passwd, mount the encrypted filesystem at /home/hal, and log me in.

The "new" option would create a new user and a new encrypted home directory on whatever media is chosen.


The advantages are:

  1. One is not limited to the "knoppix" user.
  2. There can be mutliple home-directory images for multiple users on the same hard drive.
  3. This encourages use of encryption for security.
  4. It seems more natural security model. In the old model of enforcing security, the kernel is expected to respect /etc/passwd and home-directory permissions. User A could always use a live-cd to read User B's private files, even if User B had set the permissions on those files to keep them private.

This idea needs work. But I think it has some promise. --Hal 16:10, 30 May 2005

This idea shows promise, but probably not in the way you imagine. This needs discussion and a forum would be more appropriate that a wiki page for that. Forum link --Rwcitek 17:38, 21 Sep 2005 (GMT) --Hal 18:31, 24 Apr 2006 (GMT)

Unique Hostname

It would be very nice and useful, if the hostname of the Knoppix box would be unique. This would allow, that there are several Knoppix hosts running on the same net. Currently, if dynamic dns and DHCP is used, only the first "knoppix" host gets added to the DNS.

One easy way would be, to add the MAC adress of the 1st NIC to hostname (without the : of course). This would make the hostname look something like "knoppix-0008743EFDE2".

or cheatcode "hostname=random" "hostname=MAC" "hostname=whateveruwant"

Be Able to save a *compressed* readonly .img--like the saved config but with unionfs and encryption capabilities

this way a cd could be burned with the standard iso, but as a multisession. then you could next burn a compressed .img on the same CD with custom software on it--kind of a poorman's version of remastering. compressed aes would be neat too. --gh78 Thu Apr 13 00:58:56 PDT 2006

Be Able to run X at higher resolution (but with less color) --to make the best use of the video ram

some older machines will work fine at 1024x768 but they just don't have the video memory to have 32 bit color at that resolution, and default to 640x480. Unfortunately, KDE, as it is set up, is *unusable* at that resolution. (i.e. the 'Apply' button, from the Control Panel, is drawn at the bottom of the window, and is off the screen in that resolution--you can't see it or click on it.) --gh78 Tue Apr 25 16:08:08 PDT 2006

On a related matter, newer systems are increasingly being equipped with widescreen monitors, making use with standard 4:3 resolutions difficult, particularly when using anything graphics related. if the boot level resolution options could be expanded to include 1440x900 and 1680x1050, it would broaden the devices that could effectively run Knoppix.

Include a VNC Server on the CD

(not just a vnc viewer) the nx thing is an interesting idea,if it uses low bandwidth, but it's a pain to figure out. vnc is very easy/intuitive, and, most importantly, there are clients available for it for almost every platform out there. (windows, mac, knoppix, *bsd...) --gh78 Tue Apr 25 16:08:08 PDT 2006

==KNOPPIX Terminal Server--Be Able to pass a and config.tbz to a netbooting computer == often you might want to have a custom background, or xconfig (like using a serial mouse!) or more, and currently you can't specify all that in that x-dialog box. --gh78 Tue Apr 25 16:08:08 PDT 2006

Use HD partition instead of ramdisk cheatcode

Like tohd, but just uses the partition for /.

Log out without reboot

Add Portuguese language to /etc/init.d/knoppix-autoconfig


Give the default user enough rights to use the digital camera

Being on vacation, I started Knoppix in order to manage photos from the camera, using DigiKam or Gtkam. It failed with an obscure error, and only after reading documentation on Gtkam I realised that the error is caused by insufficient privileges.

Could you give the default Knoppix user sufficient privileges to operate the digital camera with Gtkam and Digikam?

Select Debian mirror based on IP Geolocation

I'm in Canada, and when I run 'apt-get update', it gets everything from Germany! SourceForge has solved this problem with software from Maxmind; perhaps something could be done here on boot?

Fdisk gives no warning if you're not root

I needed to repartition my windows computer, but when 'fdisk -l' didn't display any partitions, I thought that my SATA board was not supported by Linux. It was only when I 'su'd that fdisk showed me the partitions. Perhaps 'chown root fdisk; chmod go= fdisk' would be a good idea?

Include - share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers via tcpip


Add package gddrescue (GNU ddrescue)

The currently installed package ddrescue has fewer options as gddrescue. I would also suggest to create the package from the newest version (1.10+) of GNU ddrescue software, because it contains some useful new stuff.

Add package sshfs

It comes in handy to mount remote directories over SSH, especially when you want to use programs like ddrescue and don't have enough free disk space on this machine.

Add package smartmontools

When analyzing a broken PC (problems with HDD) the package smartmontools comes in useful.

Knoppix Terminal Server doesn't configure resolv.conf

At least in my situation Knoppix Terminal Server did not configure resolv.conf on the client terminal computer.