Remaster Without Remastering

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Kyle Rankin wrote an article Remaster Knoppix without Remastering. It is about possibilities to customize Knoppix without remastering.

I tried one of these possibilities. I only wanted to change some preferences of applications and the icons on the desktop. So, I booted from the Knoppix-CD (I used 5.1.1), changed what I wanted to change and then clicked K→Knoppix→Configure→Save Knoppix Configuration. The changes were saved in two files: configs.tbz and If you want to, you can also tweak configs.tbz and The changes can be integrated into the Knoppix-CD, now, by copying the two files to the directory /KNOPPIX of the Knoppix-CD-iso-image. I found out that this is easily done with the graphical program ISO Master which is also included in the Knoppix 5.1.1 - CD.

This way of customizing Knoppix is realy easy in comparison to remastering and I think it can be a serious alternative to it in many cases. The article mentioned above also explains how you can do more complicated customizations this way.