Philippine Knoppix FAQ

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Ang KNOPPIX ay usang compilation ug GNU/Linux software, nga mudagan sa CD ug DVD. Maayo ni kay mahibaw-an ang imong Video Card, Sound Card, Network Card, Printer, Modem ug uban pa. Kaning linux ay mao sa Linux demo, a training course CD, a rescue system or as a platform para commercial software product demos.

Modagan na sa CD.

Unsa man ang Hardware Requirements para dinhi?

Para mudagan ang Knoppix Linux. Kailang mo ng:

       - Intel-compatible CPU (i486 or better),
       - 32 MB of ram for text mode, and at least 82 MB for graphic mode with KDE. 
            (To run various Office applications, at least 128 MB is recommended),
       - a bootable CD-ROM/DVD drive (IDE/ATAPI, Firewire, USB or SCSI),
       - a standard SVGA-compatible graphics card,
       - and a standard serial or PS/2 mouse, or IMPS/2-compatible USB Mouse.

Asa man ko makangayo ug Knoppix CD?

Mao ka maka download ug LINUX sa www.Knopper.Net. Kung naa ka problema sa pag download ug knoppix image. Mao ka makangayo ug copy sa Cebu GNU Linux User's Group(CEGNULUG). just pay for CD and mobilization cost.

    Kani ang available option mara magroon ug Knoppix
    Option 1. CD only
    Option 2. CD + Installation
    Option 3. CD + Installation + Tech. Support

Ganahan man ako mupalit ug Knoppix CD. Asan man ko makapalit?

Wa ko kahibaw kung asa makapalit ug Knoppix diri sa sugbu. Kung, naa man ay wa man guarantee na mudagan ng taro.

Paano ko mainstall sa akong HD kaning Knoppix?

Assuming that you have ran the knoppix on CD and it is now on desktop, then follow the following procedures

  1. open the Terminal(known as Konsole)
  2. type, "knx2hd"
  3. then an installation menu will appear.