Knoppix Hard Disk Scripts

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In short, about the Knoppix Hard Disk Scripts:

NOTE: All scripts can be used in both GUI and text mode.

To install knoppix on hard disk

  • knx-hdinstall
    • Copies the KNOPPIX like system (compressed filesystem) on the hard disk. See: Hd Based HowTo .
    • Use with Knoppix 3.3 and earlier.
  • knoppix-installer
    • Installs a Debian like system (uncompressed filesystem) on the hard disk. See Install FAQ and Knoppix Installer .
    • Use with Knoppix 3.4 and later.
  • knx2hd
    • Just a symbolic link to knoppix-installer

KNOPPIX (compressed) is still a KNOPPIX (similar to the CD-ROM KNOPPIX). So, boot parameter "lang=en" should work

To just save your settings and files

  • knoppix-mkimage
    • Used to create a 'persistent home' image on a media, that allows you to save your files and settings without installing the whole system on the hard disk.
    • The created file is called 'knoppix.img' and you can choose the size.
    • Use the "knoppix home=scan" boot option to search for and use the stored image.
    • You can choose to encrypt the image with 256-bit AES, which is generally considered secure, though not by all.
    • Using Unionfs (A Stackable Unification File System) the writable modification branch is saved, in other words, the changes you make to the Knoppix filesystem.
  • saveconfig
    • Allows you to save your configuration in an archive.
    • The archive, 'config.tbz' can be saved on a media and used with the "knoppix myconfig=scan" boot option.
    • Differs from persistent home in that it only copies select files (all are optional), like all the hidden directories in your home directory, plus configuration files and files on the Desktop. Also new modifications are not automatically saved and you need to re-run the script if you want to save your new configuration.
    • NOTE! The script needs to be run as the user whose configuration is to be saved, it doesn't need root privileges.