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Do not use this page to post requests for help on Knoppix.

About this help page

This page is the wiki discussion page under the wiki help section. It is intended for discussion about the wiki, not about Knoppx problems, and is not the place to post individual requests for help downloading, burning, booting or using Knoppix. That place is the forums, reached by clicking on the forum link near the top of the home page or this page. The forums are actually a much better choice for posting questions about the wiki too, as regular users see new forum posts each time they visit this website, but only see see changes to the wiki if they search them out.

Before posting a question in the forums it is advised to look at the different subjects the forum is sub-divided into and to read through some of the posts in the forum that best seems to fit your subject. You can also use the search feature to search the forums, you might find your question has been answered many times already with one or two simple keyword searches, and you will get a response much faster that way.

Also, before you post, try to pick the forum that is the best fit for your question, and use a meaningful subject line that relates to the problem. Don't use subject lines like "I'm new, help me". The forums would be a useless mess if everyone did that.

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Whitt posted a question

Whitt posted a question here. I've tried to reach you through the forum private message feature but you have not created a forum account yet, so I cannot do so.