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1) FTP

The knoppix cd has an ftp server installed on it. However if you try to ftp to a knoppix machine you will get a connection refused message. This is due to the settings in the /etc/hosts.deny file. The hosts.deny file is in fact a symlink to /KNOPPIX/etc/hosts.deny The last line of it reads as below


The stock hosts.allow files will allow ftp from localhost only. You will have to change this too. These two files are prohibiting ftp connections to the knoppix system.

What I do is delete the symlink and restart inetd.conf Here are the necessary steps:

  • Configure networking from the menu
  • Open a console and set a password for user knoppix:
    • passwd knoppix
  • Open a root shell and do:
    • rm /etc/hosts.deny
    • rm /etc/hosts.allow
    • /etc/init.d/inetd restart

Now the ftp server is ready and from any client you can ftp to knoppix system, use 'knoppix' as user name and the password you set as password.