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Dance Dance Tux is supposed to be a Knoppix remaster.

There is a little problem with it. This would be my first remaster, and I'm still trying to get it to work, but I have tried the software and it works like a charm, I get really good framerate, and the idea of having a portable Dance Dance Revolution System with me is awesome.

Just think about it, you go to a computer, you insert the cd, and DDR comes up, the only thing u have to do is plug in your dance mat to the parallel port via an adapter (which can easily be made at home).

The remaster will have no Office programs (like Open Office, KOffice,Abi Word, etc..) It will be very limited, as it may not even have Mozilla or internet programs. After all, why would you need internet in a dance dance revolution machine?

if anyone wants to help me do this project, just send me an email: hernancosi AT sbcglobal DOT com (typed like this for spamming reasons).

The remaster will have:

  • pyDance (current version)
  • python 2.3
  • Optimized parallel mat drivers (the current ones are really slow)
  • +400 ddr songs (or as many as I can fit in the cd)

About the songs, I have another idea, it would be to have all the songs in a different cd and just insert it at the same time you boot up knoppix, of course this would require a computer with 2 optical devices, but most of the home computers already have them.

OK, that's all for now... Any questions or ideas, just email me at the email address above.

Have a nice day