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Basic different options for customizing Knoppix?

  • The simplest, which you can do in all versions, is using Cheat_Codes. At the boot prompt, you can specify a number of parameters, like language, keyboard, screen resolution, desktop environment. The cheat codes may differ between the releases; you find them on CD/ DVD in the file /KNOPPIX/knoppix-cheatcodes.txt.
  • You can install Knoppix to read/write media (like USB sticks, external hard disks or flash cards using 'KNOPPIX > Install KNOPPIX to flash disk '. You may change the default boot parameters, so you don't have to enter them at every boot. For this reinsert the USB stick, open '/boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg' and change the parameters in all APPEND lines as you need.
  • The next step is using persistent memory, which can be used to install programs and save configuration data and personal settings. With the default FAT32 file system used on flash memory, you can allocate volumes of up to 4GB each for such storage, as many as will fit on the store. Usually, just one volume is in use, and during flash disk install Knoppix will ask you if you want to create persistent storage, and how big you want it. The size you specify must be an integer, and the integer signifies the number of megabytes of persistent storage. You can also create this storage yourself, and if you want extra volumes, you must create them yourself. Typically, on a 16 GB stick you can have the DVD compressed Knoppix image plus three 4GB volumes of own programs and data.
  • The third, and most difficult option is to remaster Knoppix which means that you create a new compressed filesystem image instead of the default. You may write it to CD/DVD, but you don't have to. Therefore, the new image could be anywhere between a few hundred MB and ca 4 GB. Because the image is compressed, you can store more than twice the amount of program files this way. Tyically 1.5-1.8 GB on a CD, and 8-9 GB on a DVD.

Howto remaster

old chroot-method tested with new Knoppix versions (6.x, 7.x)

Knoppix Remastering Howto

Knoppix Remastering Howto Deutsch

New method:

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