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Some BUGS Found in 6.4.4 liveDVD w/diverse media installs

List V6.4.4/DVD bugs here.

2.6.37-64 Kernel bug -- Date: 2011.07.12

  • This is of course not for fixing here, and it was probably fixed in March 2011. But users should beware that the kernel may go into a loop on some hardware configurations. Happened in an HP Elitebook - one of 4 cores got stuck - but the rest worked(!)

Ricoh SD card reader not recognised -- Date: 2011.07.12

  • Toshiba laptop 830R, Ricoh Device e823 (rev 04) capricornyx (at nospam) gmail dot com

usleep-knoppix package? -- Date: 2011.07.12

  • Couldn't find usleep-knoppix package, trying to install hwsetup fopr 64-bits version. capricornyx (at nospam) gmail dot com

Knoppix-halt breaks wake-on-lan (wol) -- Date: 2011.07.12

Se knoppix-devel mailing list: knoppix-halt breaks wake-on-lan (wol) http://lists.debian.org/7539a6bf5f0b155918f88e16247165c3.squirrel@webmail.dreamhost.com