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1.) Reported by Mkurz

The "Start Samba Server" does not create proper shares. The script /usr/sbin/sambastart does not write a correct /etc/samba/smb.conf file. It has worked in Version till 4.02, but with 5.0 it does not.

2.) Reported by phil42

UPDATE: This is not a bug. Previous behavior can be restored with a KDE panel configuration change.

If the panel is moved to the top of the screen, hidden, and the panel-hiding buttons are removed, it does not reappear when the pointer moves to the top of the screen.

3.) Reported by Jackobli

Seems that the persistant homedir does not work properly. I can create a persistant home on my USB-Stick. But the home will not be loaded on the next boot (home=/dev/sda1). --Jackobli 00:37, 21 Mar 2006 (GMT)

4.) Reported by jab (jeff@jab.org)

Radeon xorg driver does not work with Dell 2405FPW monitor and radeon 9250 card; when X starts the screen goes blank and is unrecoverable (alt-backspace and ctrl-alt-f2 do nothing). This worked fine in knoppix 4.0.2 and xfree86. I can use the vesa driver (knoppix lang=us xmodule=vesa) but that really limits my screen resolution.

5.) Reported by MrMoor

"knoppix bootfrom=/dev/hdc3/KNOPPIX_V5*.iso" does not work. During boot I get:

Accessing KNOPPIX DVD at /cdrom2.loop/KNOPPIX_V5*.iso...ERROR: Module cloop is in use
umount: Device or resource is busy
insmod: error inserting '/cdrom/boot/modules/cloop.ko': -1 File exists
insmod: can't read '/modules/cloop.ko': no such file or directory
Found primary KNOPPIX compressed image at /cdrom2/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX.
ioctl: LOOP_SET_FD: Device or resource busy

and it continues to boot from DVD. hdc3/KNOPPIX_V5.0DVD-2006-02-25-EN.iso is -rwxr-xr-x KNOPPIX:KNOPPIX on ext3.

6.) Reported by mkrufky (mkrufky at linuxtv dot org)

Unable to mount Compact Flash drives connected via an IDE interface. This worked in all Knoppix versions 3.8 through 4.0.2, I have not tried in versions earlier than 3.8.

7.) Reported by mkrufky (mkrufky at linuxtv dot org)

Missing hybrid v4l/dvb kernel modules: cx88-dvb, saa7134-dvb, but their dependencies are all present. This causes bugs in the cx88 driver (loud static on startup), due to some missing init code that should run in the missing cx88-dvb module. Of course, the lack of these modules also prevents DVB operation for those devices.

8) burn successfully KNOPPIX_V5.0.1CD-2006-06-01-EN on a CD, and Knoppix V5.0 tested successfully on different machines, but cannot boot on my laptop "HP Pavilion 5000". error description: enabling DMA accelerator for the hdc [HL-DT-ST GSA-4082N] looking for CD in: /dev/hdc

and after 3 minutes stuck, that message appear at the screen : can't find KNOPPIX filesystem, sorry, dropping you to a (very limited) shell... and a shell prompt knoppix appear...

9) Reported by StuartCook

"Start Samba Server" share creation failure (see 1 above) in 5.0 and 5.0.1.

Workaround: Edit /usr/sbin/sambastart, near the bottom, replace /mnt by /media

Now "Start Samba Server" should create disk shares correctly.

If this is the wrong place for this workaround; apologies.

10) Reported by Greg M. Johnson

5.01 as live CD works well with USB pen drives. A HDD install of 5.01 does not. I noted that you create the exact same fstab, whether it be live or installed. And that's the bug! :). The UID for /sda1 that you put into fstab is "knoppix" in both cases. For a live boot, this is correct. For a HDD install the UID ain't 'knoppix' unless the user has created a userid of that name. WORKAROUND: if one creates a userid of "knoppix" on the system, it works.

11) Reported by Mark Rice

Intel Wireless (2200 bg) does not work on IBM T42. It worked great with Knoppix 4.02. ipw2200 and related modules show up with lsmod. iwconfig shows no wirelss adaptores.