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1) The ext2 persistent home bug (ext2 partitions not recognized properly)
is still not fixed in 5.01, because of a a typo in the knoppix-autoconfig file:
wrong:   ext3|ext3|reiserfs|xfs) MOUNTOPTS="$MOUNTOPTS,noatime" ;;
correct: ext2|ext3|reiserfs|xfs) MOUNTOPTS="$MOUNTOPTS,noatime" ;;
Please find a diff in here:
BTW, I found a work around fix, cf:
Gilles van Ruymbeke
2)knoppix splash cheatcode doesn't work, it worked with 4.0.2 version.
3)difficulty to boot on some (recent) laptop: needs to use noudev and sometimes nompcmcia to start, but Konsole failed start, complain that no tty are available.
4)boot process is horribly slow if a pci card with rt2500 WLAN chipset is plugged and failed on DHCP request, no problem on Cebit 5.0: card is well recognise.
5)printing impossible (report from forums.knoppix-fr.org)
6)module compilation is not possible (out of the box), have to have a look deeply (maybe problem with header or some links to them)
7)[INSTALL] mount with removable media, 

"Please change the -u knoppix and -g knoppix in /etc/udev/knoppix.rules, either to match the "primary user", or just remove them." Klaus KNOPPER on debian-knoppix ML