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1) The ext2 persistent home bug (ext2 partitions not recognized properly)
is still not fixed in 5.01, because of a a typo in the knoppix-autoconfig file:
wrong:   ext3|ext3|reiserfs|xfs) MOUNTOPTS="$MOUNTOPTS,noatime" ;;
correct: ext2|ext3|reiserfs|xfs) MOUNTOPTS="$MOUNTOPTS,noatime" ;;
Please find a diff in here:
BTW, I found a work around fix, cf:
Gilles van Ruymbeke
2)knoppix splash cheatcode doesn't work, it worked with 4.0.2 version.
3)difficulty to boot on some (recent) laptop: needs to use noudev and sometimes nompcmcia to start, but Konsole failed start, complain that no tty are available.
4)boot process is horribly slow if a pci card with rt2500 WLAN chipset is plugged and failed on DHCP request, no problem on Cebit 5.0: card is well recognise.
5)printing impossible (report from forums.knoppix-fr.org)
6)module compilation is not possible (out of the box), have to have a look deeply (maybe problem with header or some links to them)
7)[INSTALL] mount with removable media, 

"Please change the -u knoppix and -g knoppix in /etc/udev/knoppix.rules, either to match the "primary user", or just remove them." Klaus KNOPPER on debian-knoppix ML

8) Reported by H. Kuhman 25-June-2006: ethereal (version 0.99.0) 

When running from Knoppix CD or DVD, ethereal runs but can not be convince to display packets in real time, only after the capture is stopped do the packets display. I have tried this when running ethereal as root started from a terminal (since the menu item to run ethereal as root need a password and none exists). Problem exists for both the CD and DVD. I also reverted to 4.0.2 and found that I could not convince ethereal to display packets in real time there either (this is a previous version of ethereal, 0.10.12). But I broke out a very old version of Knoppix (3.2) and ethereal worked fine there and could display packets in real time (version 0.9.12). I also instaled ethereal 0.99.0 (the same version used in Knoppxi) to a Debian etch system, and using the same settings that I used in Knoppix, the Debian install worded and under KDE displayed packets in real time while capturing perfectly, reinforcing my belief that the problem is Knoppix related. UPDATE: After a report from a forum user (Rusty) that he did not experience the problem, I was able to make ethereal work properly on 2 other systems. The most likely difference between the systems where ethereal captures and displays in real time and the one where it will only display data after stopped is that the former systems both use ATI video cards but the later system uses an Nvidia video card. Unfortunately I do not have Debian on the failing system (or space for it) so I can't test ethereal under Debian there, only under Knoppix (or other Live CD or DVDs).