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1.) Reported by: pawel

proteon.ko and skisa.ko produces "segmentation fault" on boot if all available network modules are integrated into miniroot.gz

2.) Reported by: Freebooter

The 4.0.2 DVD if F3 is pressed at boot opens a window which says: knoppix toram Load entire CD to ramdisk (1GB)


3.) Reported by: Ethereal

It seems that the number of captured Packets/Second in Ethereal, never returns to 0, but continues to grow over time. You will see this behavior by running Ethereal of the 4.0.2 DVD and clicking in the menu bar on: Capture -> Interfaces... In the previous release of Knoppix 4.0 DVD the Ethereal app seems to work fine and the number will return to 0 as you would expect.

4.) Reported by SJMac: Config and Persistent HD conflict?

I have a USB key with 2 partitions. In Knoppix they are /dev/sdb1 (ext2) and /dev/sdb2 (vfat).

I "save Knoppix configuration" in to /mnt/sdb1 and it is found on a reboot if I use myconfig=scan. If I create a "persistent Knoppix disk image" in /dev/sdb1, then it is never used, even if I specify home=/dev/sdb1 or home=scan at boot.

If I create the persistent disk image in the vfat partition, then it is detected at startup (no command line option required).

Maybe I cannot have a config config and persistent HDD file on the same partition? Also see http://www.knoppix.net/wiki/Using_FAQ#Q:_Knoppix_3.2:_Errormessage_during_booting.2C_when_HOME-Directory_is_saved_on_HD.3F

5.) Reported by SJMac: Nothing is Saved to my Persistent HD Until I reboot

Nothing is saved to a persistent HD image until the image is found after a reboot. Is this intentional, as it doesn't seem to be mentioned in the UI?

6.) Reported by SJMac: Custom Config is obseleted by Persistent HD Image.

It is not mentioned in the UI that saving a Custom Configuration is not necessary if a persistent HD image is used, or is it only necessary for certain settings.

7.) Reported by SJMac: Trying to get a GB / UK English configuration with lang=gb (or lang=uk, or lang=en_gb) does not have any effect.

Setting, eg lang=tr, does set up a turkish configuration, so there is something specificly wrong with lang=gb?

8.) Reported by Arne: SCSI drivers loaded despite "noscsi"-Option

On my system (Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe mainboard), KNOPPIX 4.0.2 DVD crashes with a kernel panic during boot when an S-ATA disk is connected. This is a Linux bug, I presume. But there is also a Knoppix bug, which is that Knoppix still attempts to load the scsi/libata-core driver (which means my machine crashes) even if the "noscsi"-Option is supplied. IMO noscsi should disable the SCSI subsystem (including S-ATA) entirely.

9.) reported by jari_heikkinen: usb2 not activated during boot therefore transfer speed when booting from usb stick is appr 1 MBps. This is caused by miniroot linuxrc script having extra ".ko" at line 141. When fixed, transfer speed increases to appr 18 MBps. Pathc below: @@ -138,7 +138,8 @@

case "$CMDLINE" in *fromdvd*) FROMDVD="yes"; ;; esac
case "$CMDLINE" in *idecd*|*atapicd*) IDECD="yes"; ;; esac
case "$CMDLINE" in *noideraid*) NOIDERAID="yes"; ;; esac

-USB2="ehci-hcd.ko" +# knoppix bug, removed .ko from the end +USB2="ehci-hcd"

case "$CMDLINE" in *nousb2*) USB2=""; ;; esac

To fix when remastering before making ISO file:

 cd master/boot/isolinux
 gzip -d minirt.gz
 mkdir a; mount minirt a -o loop
 vi a/linuxrc
 # remove .ko from end of line 141
 umount a
 gzip minirt 

10.) reported by jari_heikkinen: need to remount /cdrom with noatime option to reduce wear on usb sticks. To fix: add the following line as line 763 to minirt linuxrc just after "stage=3" line /KNOPPIX/bin/mount /cdrom -o remount,noatime