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List V3.9 2005-05-27 bugs here

1.) It seems that v3.9's UnionFS has broken Debian package management. To reproduce the bug: Boot Knoppix V3.9, download a package & install it.

wget http://debian.mirrors.pair.com/pool/main/a/aterm/aterm_0.4.2-11_i386.deb
sudo dpkg -i aterm_0.4.2-11_i386.deb

--UnderScore 20:02, 3 Jun 2005 (GMT)

Confirmed. Note that apt-get update; apt-get upgrade gets partially through an install before freezing, not all packages trigger this bug.

--Nosknoppix 12:21, 6 Jun 2005 (GMT)

This seems to be related to the unionfs snapshot from 26.5.05, and links in the menu structure when calling "update-menus". The latest snapshot still has this bug. Until there is a solution for this, we are reverting to unionfs 1.0.11. --KlausKnopper Sun Jun 12 23:41:14 CEST 2005

V3.9 2005-05-27 freezes also on: apt-get install postgresql but it works if unstable release of PostgreSQL is used on V3.9. It worked on 3.8 as we tested a "on the fly" installation for http://xdash.jabberstudio.org (thought on 3.8, after several apt-get install xxx calls, apt-get hanged up in the state: uninterruptable sleep -> going back to the older snapshot of UnionFS is probabaly not the best solution...) --JWach 09:39, 13 Jun 2005 (GMT)

2.) The "ub" kernel module is still compiled into the kernel. This prevents Knoppix from booting on USB CD/DVD-ROMs. <a href="http://linux.usc.edu/pipermail/usclug-chat/2004-December/000111.html">This has been known since Linux 2.6.9</a>. --PopeFelix 16:29, 4 Jun 2005 (GMT)

Actually, this isn't the case. Knoppix 3.9 seems to boot well on all USB DVD-Writers, CD-Roms etc. On which external USB drive did that problem occur? --KlausKnopper Sun Jun 12 23:41:14 CEST 2005

It still is the case with Knoppix 3.9. Hardware is compaq nc4000 laptop, cdrom is Compaq DVD-ROM drive GDR-8081. It chokes on boot at the same place that 3.8.1 and 3.8.2 did - after "Welcome to the KNOPPIX LIVE lINUX-ON-cd!", it goes to "Scanning for USB/Firewire devices... Done." and then hangs. Apparently it looks for the cdrom again, and "Can't find Knoppix filesystem, sorry." etc comes up and you get dropped to a useless shell. I've tried the "nodma" option, and even booting with debug tells me nothing more. This worked fine with 3.7 and the 2.4 kernel, so I suspect it's the ub driver that is breaking it. --ljlaubenheimer Thurs July 21 17:03:30 PDT 2005

3.) Please config out CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UB (the ub driver). This driver has the bizzare side effect of stopping the usb-storage driver from ever seeing a USB device, irrespective of whether the ub module is loaded or not. As PopeFelix noted, this stops knoppix being able to use USB CD/DVD drives. One reason I have switched to kanotix is that absence of the ub driver.

Also, this seems to work here: ub for USB flash memory and usb-storage for writers. --KlausKnopper Sun Jun 12 23:41:14 CEST 2005

4.) Please use the "ati" driver for ATI Radeon 7000 based video cards. Mine was detected properly, but the generic "vesa" driver was loaded, so no 3D for me!!


Well, PCI IDs for the pcitable, please? --KlausKnopper Sun Jun 12 23:41:14 CEST 2005

5.) When I try to go to the System Configuration menu item under Quick Browser the KDE menu bar disappears and I cannot get it to come back. This also happened once when trying to load Firefox, which never loaded.

Bug in kicker/3.4.0. Working on it. --KlausKnopper Sun Jun 12 23:41:14 CEST 2005

6.) When shuting the system down, HP ze4610us, the shutdown hangs completely right after sending the kill signal.

7.) I have not tried my usb flash drive but will next to see if the ub driver problem above hits me as well

8.) Unable to boot on a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000 laptop with a NTFS partition. Boots correctly everywhere with a FAT32 partition on the disk. For more informations and investigations, [see this topic].

9.) Unable to boot: kernel Oops PREEMPT SMP on dual 231MHz Pentium Pro server, "balboa" class (BIOS:

 AMIBIOS (C) AMI 02/02/1995 Date:-02/02/95
 BIOS Version 0.04.05.DA0  Beta 5.04 Production Candidate )

Runs RedHat 7.3, 8.0, 9; boots Debian sarge netinst and Fedora Core 3 installer OK. "boot: knoppix lang=us nopcmcia noagp noapm nomce noddc" produces "You passed an undefined mode number ..." [for VGA] Selecting any of modes 80x25, 80x34, 80x43, 80x50 ... -- jreiser 02:15, 10 Jun 2005 (UTC)

-- Can you post this in a forum and then link to it here? rwcitek

10.) Knoppix always and only tries to load the vesa and fb drivers for X. Even if another driver [e.g. i810] is detected. X worked on most machines in 3.7, but many are broken in 3.9 now. Maybe consider reverting X's config or modifying the script? --tnm91 17:29, 10 Jun 2005 (GMT)

11) No connection to internet via ISDN with FritzCard 2.0 PCI, with both possibilities.

12) Does not boot on DELL Latitude D400 The only KNOPPIX that ever booted on DELL D400 was 3.6. All earlier and later versions do not find a KNOPPIX filesystem (written in red) and drop to a basic shell. Pity: we all use company-supplied D400 here and are stuck at 3.6. (udippel, Tue Jun 14 11:23:15 MYT 2005)

-- Try boot: knoppix nodma See this wiki page -- rwcitek

13) The supplied memtest V1.20 does hang on a HP Compaq dc7100 SFF system, and probably other systems equipped with an Intel 9xx chipset. Please import the latest memtest+ from http://www.memtest.org/ --Elim 12:29, 15 Jun 2005 (GMT)

14) Tried to compile the kernel. Get same error trying to install either kernel-source-2.6.11 (from debian) or linux-2-6.11 from linux.org. After creating the directory in /usr/src and cd to directory, I enter any make statement, i.e.: make config (or make oldconfig etc) then I get error message:

HOSTCC scripts/basic/fixdep In file included from /usr/include/sys/socket.h:35,

                from /usr/include/netinet/in.h:24,
                from /usr/include/arpa/inet.h:23,
                from scripts/basic/fixdep.c:115:

/usr/include/bits/socket.h:305:24: asm/socket.h: No such file or directory make[1]: *** [scripts/basic/fixdep] Error 1 make: *** [scripts_basic] Error 2

Of course, I did not create /usr/include. There are no pre-requisite packages, I know of (mentioned in various howto's), that are not already installed.

15) After installing 3.9 on disk, it is necessary to configure the network. After configuring the network it appeared to work fine, i.e.: ping heise.de worked as expected; HOWEVER: ping localhost or ping did not work... ifconfig -a revealed that the lo interface had no address. Thus: ifconfig lo fixed the problem. Of course. nobody thinks of testing such a thing until later when, for instance, finding out it is not possible to install a printer without localhost (localhost:631 needed by Cups). If this error is not reproducible I am willing to install 3.9 again and carefully note the configuration steps. BTW I have firewire (I renamed 1394eth.ko) which gave me two ethernet devices. Perhaps something happened there.

yacc: I do not know if it's reproducible, but I've got the same problem with 3.9. The curious thing is that /etc/network/interfaces looks good and /etc/rcS.d contains links to networking, etc.

Same problem. As workaround I used /etc/init.d/bootmisc.sh with "ifconfig lo" Micha

FIX for Bug-15: As root user, enter the command:

ln -s /etc/init.d/ifupdown-clean /etc/rcS.d/S18ifupdown-clean

16) On HD installed 3.9 (in IBM Thinkpad R30), Xine crash without any error report. It opens for a few seconds with splashscreen, and then close itself. Still looking for a workaround.

17) Apparently home= doesn't work with 3.9. myconf= does, but only when specifying the location explicitly (not myconf=scan). If it makes a difference, I'm using a USB key to boot, and the partition which I would use is the second partition on the same device - in my case, /dev/ubb1 is KNOPPIX, and /dev/ubb2 is my ext2 partition for my personal files and config. I've tried the following boot: options:

  • knoppix home=scan
  • knoppix home=/mnt/ubb2/knoppix.img
  • knoppix home=/dev/ubb2/knoppix.img
  • knoppix home=/mnt/ubb2

Please also see this forum post. Thanks! --NightMonkey 09:11, 24 Jun 2005 (GMT)

18.) When using OpenOffice, new files can be written, but existing files can not be opened, it just hangs. Stack trace shows it is attempting to connect to the Mozilla Security libraries. The script in /opt/openoffice/program/soffice has this bit of code in it:

# misc. environment variables

Commenting this out causes it to work. Security code works as well, you can create signed documents provided you install a certificate into firefox first.

--JeffreySchiller 22:53, 8 Jul 2005 (GMT)

19) The cheatcode fromhd=/dev/hd?? does not seem to work. In the file "linuxrc" (in miniroot.gz), there is the following line.

case "$CMDLINE" in *fromhd=/dev/*) DEVICES="$fromhd"; ;; esac

However, I don't think that the variable $fromhd is automatically defined.

--gangxiao 19:57, 10 Jul 2005 (GMT)

20) Bug: fusion mpt scsi drives are not found at boot time.

Diagnostics: in minirt.gz, the module mptscsih.o is included but it depends on mptbase.o. If the latter is not loaded before, mptscsih.o cannot be installed.

Suggested solution: Add /modules/scsi/mptbase.o in minirt.gz, then in the script "linuxrc", try to load it before loading mptscsih.o.

--gangxiao 10:06, 20 Jul 2005 (GMT)