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Give as much information as possible, add your bug to the list by clicking 'edit' at the bottom of this page. Please also add your name in brackets after the bug!

Keep in mind that FF=Fabianx though, so I have to write less ;-). The next number below means the next "free" bug number. Please increment it, after adding a bug.

Open Bugs (next number=61)

1. The losetup and mount programs have not been patched to support the multi-key setup of loop-aes. From loop-aes README file: "Setting up multi-key gpg key-file and using that key-file with old single-key only aware losetup/mount programs is dangerous." SOLUTION: This can be fixed by replacing the obsolete mount-aes package with loop-aes-utils package from Debian. Please also include the aespipe package (installed size is only 88 kB) in KNOPPIX.

2. Sound card: both kernels (2.4.27 and 2.6.7) can't recognize A7V8X-MX onboard sound card(via-82xx). The script to configure the soundcard can't recongnize it too. (Fabio pt_BR) 52.My Lin Neighborhood and Lisa can not scan any other machines(DHCP based networks) 3. Wallpaper and HD install: after an HD install the wallpaper desapeared (KDE tries to find it at /cdrom/...). (Fabio pt_BR) buy essay online 4. After a knoppix-type HD install, we have the following boot message: "Running from HD, regenerate ld.so.cache and modules.dep... warning: process 'update' used the obsolete bdflush system call Fix your initscript?". (Fabio pt_BR)

It would seem that the first part of this bug (apparently) originates in file:

/etc/init.d/knoppix-autoconfig - (lines 489 --> 494).


if [[[ -n "$INSTALLED" ]]; then echo -n "${BLUE}Running from HD, regenerate
ld.so.cache and modules.dep...${NORMAL}"
# Regenerate ld.so.cache and module dependencies on HD
ldconfig ; depmod -a 2>/dev/null echo ""


If I comment out all these lines (ie: add '#' to the beggining of each one) this part of the script is not run, cutting down boot time considerably with no (apparent) ill effects to the installation.

As always, YMMV.

The question remains:

Is it necessary to run this script at every boot for a HD installation?

For the second part of this bug (obsolete bdflush system call) I found a solution in Chapter 6 of the "Simply Linux Book" by Jetblackz. (jet_blackz@lycos.com).

It happens that kernel 2.6.x starts the pdflush thread by itself but bdflush is a now deprecated utility used by the older 2.4.x kernels.

To fix it, comment out a line in the /etc/init.d/checkroot.sh init script 
[[[-x /sbin/update]] && update <--- add # to the beggining of this line


5. The knoppix-header.gif file in KNOPPIX_V3.6-2004-08-16-EN.iso is not a GIF file, instead "file" reports it as Netpbm PPM "rawbits" image data. This mismatch results in the image not rendered in Mozilla Firefox. (Chuan-kai Lin)

6. Lilo and device-mapper driver: when executing lilo, device-mapper drive apears to be missing from kernel (the system can't find /dev/mapper/control device). Also there is an incompatibility with libdevmapper and kernel driver. (Fabio pt_BR) Further comment/question: Apart from the error message, what actual problem does this cause? I'm failing to get lilo in V3.6 to install in the boot partition (v3.4 worked fine). I see this device-mapper error occurring at the end of the knoppix-installer script - is this why my lilo is failing? (markb).

7. Kernel 2.6 hangs when trying to use Netgear FA310-TX. Instead of the tulip driver Knoppix is using de4x5.c which works under the 2.4 kernel provided but not with the 2.6 one. Would be great to have a cheat code or expert mode to select which driver to use for the network card. This is first distro that is not using the tulip driver for these cards. Ongoing bug since introduction of 2.6 kernel to liveCD. Why not add network card selection under Expert/Expert26 mode? (BH)

8. When I boot from the CD with "knoppix26 alsa" my soundcard stops working. In Knoppix 3.4 everything was OK. (tlx)

9. Keyboard problem. When I press key (under KDE only...) few letters appears. Hardware: ASUS A7M266-D 2 * AthlonMP (1.8+ and 2.0+), 512MB RAM... It seems it is somehow connected with the fact of SMP. Plese do something - KDE is useless... (pavko)

10. The portmapper is not automatically started. This results in eratic NFS performance. (Comment from another user: Please do not start network services like this automatically. That would be bad for security.)

11. Internet configuration issue. I have Alcatel Home ADSL modem, which perfectly configurated in previous versions (3.3, 3.4), but now, despite of ethernet devices still recognized, Access Concentrator did not respond.

The same problem exists with T-DSL (in 3.6 and 3.7 - pc-welt release). after running ifconfig eth0 up manually, ppoeconf finds the concentrator.

It's the same problem as #13

Workaround: Open the console as root (type "su") type "pppoe" wait till the cursor is back (could take 1 minute!) type "pppoeconf" and voila - your concentrator will be found and you can proceed :)

I found the solution in [1]

P.S. 3.2 didn't have the problem too.

12. ETHERNET card on IBM Think Pad T21 does not work. It works if I boot with "knoppix acpi=off" and it DOES NOT work with "knoppix26" (acpi=off or default). KNOPPIX 3.4 has (had) the same problem... but KNOPPIX 3.2 was OK. I would like to try kernel 2.6 on my laptop. Any hint/solution/tip/trick is MORE than appreciated (Igor -------> igorf at yahoo dot com )

13. New bug. pppoeconf, ethernet device recognized but Access Concentrator did not respond. Old bug, kernel 2.6 only: Serial mouse still not working. (oscar)

14. Wine seems to have problem with DOS (Can't find COMSPEC) and Registry (Can't decode System.1st) Have not tried new kernel or replacing ISO image. 3.4 works fine. (Cerian)

15. 2.6 Kernel fails to boot off of USB CDROM Drive (2.4 Kernel has no problems)

16. Unable to boot completely from pcmcia cdrom drive. Boot starts fine, but after finding harddiscs the error message "Can't find KNOPPIX filesystem, sorry." appears. (Andi)

17. My Ethernetcard doesn't work, anyway if I boot form cd or install to hd! With 3.6 everything worked! (Santo)

18. DMA problems when booting or reading from CD in a Sony DRU530A DVD writer. knoppix2.6 seems OK, knoppix24 requires nodma to e.g. boot or for testcd. (Ed)

19. On a VIA motherboard (VIA EPIA EM6000, see [2] ) the X refreshing was completely broken. Resizing windows leaves remnants of former window contents. Same hardware works flawlessly under 3.4. Am happy to retest: contact pgf AT foxharp dot boston dot ma dot us.

20. Typo in main Utilities menu: "Chose/Restart KNOPPIX Desktop" should be "Choose", not "Chose". Same problem in 3.4 and 3.6. **Note--Actually, I think it should be "Close", Close/Restart makes more sense, because you cannot choose your desktop from this menu, but you can close or restart.(JD)

21. The netcardconfig script should be extended to watch out for bnep (bluetooth) devices, to get them configured, when connecting 2 bluetooth adaptors via pand. it's a really easy task, just add "bnep.:" in the line containing "eth.:" (Florian)

22. Problems playing videos on an Acer234LC (Chip Intel i810). Chroma channel is incorrectly displayed. The effect is to have a b/w movie with colorful scrap. This is not just a xine problem. I installed Knoppix on hd and installed mplayer and kaffeine. All players have the same problem.

23. Hardware Dell Optiplex 260. Installed Knoppix 3.6 to hard drive. hda1: NTFS, hda2 FAT32, hda3 linux, hda4 linux swap. At the beginning of the bootup process I get the following error message twice: (Norm)

initrd-tools 0.1.73
mount: fs type devfs not supported by kernel
umount: devfs: not mounted

24. Kmail by default doesn't know where to access aspell. By default Kmail cannot find the aspell binary and therefore is unable to spell check.

25. After running the script "test-splash.sh", the system doesn't return to graphical mode (it presents a text command line for login and startx doesn't work, the message after a startx command is: "Server is already active for display 0"). (Fabio pt_BR)

26. Alsa cheatcode doesn't work with knoppix3.6. I mean i've tried all kinds of tricks onder my ampit. Even ordnary install(kernel 2.4) is also not giving sound. I have intel AC97 i810 onboard soundcard. What it does is that it makes KMix look emty with exception of microphone sign, which means one has no means of sound volume controls to see if sound is muted.All these are for kernel 2.6.7.when only "alsa" is used i noticed that after "autoconfiguration", it 'starts building modules for alsa', there it stops.After boot completes one gets this "unable to start sound i/o'. When 'alsa=es1938' is used,it builds all the necessary modules and whatever unlike just "alsa". yet one gets the same KMix emptiness and the 'no sound error'.On the other hand kernel 2.4 shows KMix volume controls yet also no sound. Meanwhile knoppix3.4 did not give such headaches. It even recognizes AC97 on KMix.(Francis,NL.) (all this is also true for me - markb)

27. Captive-ntfs 1.1.5 installs but hangs when one tries to "# mount -t captive-ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1". Worked fine with v1.1.4 in v3.4-05-17. The /var/lib/captive/tmp directory gets created, but the other temp directory /var/lib/captive/S- seems not to be made. Maybe it's a knoppix 3.6 permissions thing? There's no "captive" user or group created, which is the owner of the S- temp directory in knx V3.4. (Pete, pbs) Solution: [3]

28. The aspell program /usr/bin/aspell is gone; Other aspell stuff still there: /usr/lib/aspell, usr/lib/libaspell* (KNOPPIX_V3.6-2004-08-16-EN.iso). Steve Hartley.

29. On 2 PCs I have the problem that the mouse (PS/2) is not useable.

30. I can't use my Techni Sat SkyStar2 DVB-S card, but usually this should work. xine says "no plugin for MRL [dvb://"] maybe the needed plugin is missing on the CD? (analog tv card works, but today you simly want DVB)

31. Kernel 2.6 has version 13e orinoco_cs drivers, that appear not to be patched, based ipon iwpriv failures to find monitor. Tested HD install and LiveCD. Orinoco Gold/Agere Systems and Linksys WPC11v3 that both do monitor mode with Knoppix 3.4 (kern 2.4).

32. Items 4, 13 and 14 from the previous buglist (2004-05-17) remain.(JD)

33. I have installed succesfully Knoppix 3.6 in a reiserfs partition but I have problems when booting (kernel panic). See the following topics in the forum: [4] and [5] (sergio)

34. When knoppix-installer (beginner) finishes, I get the following error messages:

knoppix@ttyp0knoppix$ IGNORE_CHECK=1 sudo knoppix-installer
Can't remove /usr/share/applications/./Ethereal.desktop: Read-only file system, skipping file.
Can't remove /usr/share/applications/./Ethereal AsRoot.desktop: Read-only file system, skipping file.
Can't remove /usr/share/applications/./qtparted.desktop: Read-only file system, skipping file.
Can't remove /usr/share/applnk/./Settings/Peripherals/kxconfig.desktop: Read-only file system, skipping file.
/dev/mapper/control: open failed: No such device
Is device-mapper driver missing from kernel?
/dev/mapper/control: open failed: No such device
Is device-mapper driver missing from kernel?
Incompatible libdevmapper 1.00.19-ioctl (2004-07-03)(compat) and kernel driver
Warning: Unable to determine video adapter in use in the present system.
Warning: CHANGE AUTOMATIC assumed after "other=/dev/hda1"
Warning: CHANGE AUTOMATIC assumed after "other=/dev/hda2"
Warning: CHANGE AUTOMATIC assumed after "other=/dev/hda3"

Try erasing all partitions and repartitioning with 'fdisk' then recreate the proper partitions with 'cfdisk' or 'QTparted'. Don't mark the primary partition 'Active' or 'Bootable': let the installer to it, then, if necessary, do it afterwards. (SGT geek)

35. P2, AWARD BIOS (98) hda=QUANTUM FIREBALL SE6 4A, hdb=ST380011A, hdc=SONY CD-RW CRX225E, hdd=ST340014A

3.6 Locks up at scanning for harddisk partitions and creating /etc/fstab Unless I use knoppix nodma

3.2 works fine (Stuart@otenet.gr)

36. I'm trying to run Knoppix 3.6 live CD on my HP 4150 laptop (P2), but as soon as it detects my soundcard Neo Magic AV256, it just stalls. My attempts to install it also met the same fate.I dont think its a problem with the disk as it works fine on my desktop HP D220-MT (P4).(Shiv)

37. Sound Blaster Audigy

In Knoppix 3.4 and 3.6 Soun Blaster Audigy is recognize but the driver is not load in Kernel. These are the messages Sound Configuration Utility 0.57 (soundcardconfig)

PCI Probe Results A PCI sound card was found in your system. The details are Model: Creative Labs|SB Audigy

No driver available The module used for your card emu10k1.o, is not currently in your module search path. Please verify that your kernel modules are correctly installed.

38. After installing Knoppix to HD, it doesn't recognize my swap partition, even if partition type has been set to swap and after running mkswap. You have to insert swap partition in fstab.

39. gcc problem for compiling drivers In 3.4 and 3.6 the kernels were compiled with gcc 2.95, BUT there is a default link: gcc --> gcc-3.3 burnt into the CD. Being a maintainer of the Lucent DSP modem software at ltmodem.heby.de and [6] , I was able to do a complex work around and achieve a dialout under Knoppix. But novice users will not be able to for so any of the winmodems, even though all but 3Com winmodems now have (some) support under Linux. I would like to help Knoppix improve this situation.

Please first browse [7] and then contact us through DISCUSS@LINMODEMS.ORG through which a lot of Modem expertise is available, as well as contacts with commercial Linux code maintainers

[[[Marv Stod]]]

(also reported in debian-knoppix@lists.linuxtag.org )

40. knoppix-autoconfig recognizes swap partitions by signature only -- it does not check the partition type to ensure that it is still 'linux'. This can (and has) result(ed) in loss of data. Fix I used is to have the 'fstype' script test the partition type (using the output from fdisk). Also added a line to knoppix-autoconfig to have kernel option 'anyswap' use the old mehod of recognizing by signature only (for backwards compatibility)

Add line 946 
checkbootparam "anyswap" && export ANYSWAP='yes' || export ANYSWAP=""

41. This one approaches pedantic: knoppix-autoconfig (and probably other scripts) use 'here' documents to get input from files and programs into read loops for the shell, instead of using simple pipes and redirection. This is both obscure and also forces bash to create a temporary file to hold the temp result (rather than a pipe/redirect:

old construct 
while condition ; do
done << EOF
$( prog )

(with prog often being $( cat somefile ) )

My suggestion 
prog |
while condition ; do


while condition ; do
done < somefile

patches at: [8] and [9]

Stephen Samuel ( samnospam@bcgreen.com (sic) )

42. When using mdadm -A to access a Raid 1 array I get segmentation fault and the array is not loaded. This is using 2.6 Kernel with RAID1 module loaded. Raid array works fine when autoloaded on my Debian Sarge system. (TonyM)

43. My monitor isn't recognized by Knoppix, which is why I get 1280x1024 at 60 Hz instead of 85 Hz. At startup, it says "Monitor is IVM1740 H: 28.0 - 96.0 kHz, V: 50.0 - 75.0 Hz", whereas my monitor is actually an Iiyama A702HT, !Vision Master Pro 410 with !Horiz Sync 27.0-96.0 and !Vert Refresh 50.0-160.0. Knoppix 3.7 also has this issue. (Agt - knoppix-wiki-bugs@agt-the-walker.net)

44. My gfx card (Gecube ATI Radeon 9200 SE) isn't properly recognized by Knoppix. At startup, it says "Unknown vendor|unknown device 1002:5d44, using XFree86 (vesa) server". It should use the "radeon" driver instead. Knoppix 3.7 also has this issue. (Agt - knoppix-wiki-bugs@agt-the-walker.net)

Folkert van Heusden (folkert@vanheusden.com - www.unixexpert.nl)

45. When I boot knoppix 3.6 (English version) on my HP zv5231EA laptop, it boots fine upto the point that it starts accessing the CD-ROM via /dev/scd0. At that point it seems to be reading forever. I waited for aprox 20 minutes. I doubt that is trying to copy the whole cd-rom to RAM as the laptop has "only" 384MB free RAM. Running it in failsafe mode works fine, but then it doesn't fully support the dislay (doing only 1024x768 while the display is capable of 1280x800) and such. 'noapic' doesn't help. Details: ATI MOBILITY™ RADEON™ 9000 IGP / 512MB ram (128MB shared videoram) / card reader / 56k modem / wireless 802.11b / ieee 1394 / usb / 3d soundblaster pro / P4

Richard Hopkins-Lutz (vampboy@hotmail.com)

46. I have a Compaq Presario 2145US and was having ALOT of trouble booting. it would start to load the kernal and then lockup. I have found that the ACPI was causing teh issue and have to use ACPI=off (noacpi will ot work) to get knoppix to boot. I was able to boot off DSL O.6.3.(a knoppix derivative) I usually also specify the ATI xmodule, sine the IGP radeon northbridge doesn't like the vesa xmodule. It does not talk to the internet over my built in ethernet at all. I have had better luck with teh latest version of Gnoppix, which again, i have to specify the ATI xmodule, but does not get the ACPI error. I also use the Ubuntu live CD, which works fine, though again, with the ATI xmodule, and I believe it gets the ACPI error. I will update this with moredetails as I get them

Shohei Azuma (shoheiazuma@yahoo.co.jp)

47. Nxserver cannot run when you use the user name containing a string "nx".

I used knoppix 3.6 jp as server and 3.6 en as client...
We changed user/nxsetup line 46(maybe) "nx" to "^nx" then it worked.

Graham (neal.graham@wanadoo.fr)

48. Using Knoppix Live 3.6 on an Acer Aspire 1300 laptop everything is fine except that it reports that CUPS is not started and there at boot it does not identify my HP960c printer as there is no available list of printers. The CDrom was from a DP Press magazine this month and in case of a disc error I did in fact buy two magazines. (Graham Neal)

49. Booting Knoppix 3.6 with lang=cs option tries to load keyboard layout "cs" which does not exist, czech keyboard layout has abbreviation "cz", I have to change the layout manually. (Jan Krajicek (jkrajicek@vm.inext.cz))

50. Knoppix could not boot to the desktop wallpaper on a Compaq Evo D510 (continual grey screen) using either the 2.4 or 2.6 kernels. As I have no Linux experience I am unable to be more helpful. (Stephen Wiley)

51. Doesn't recognize a SCSI CDROM on an Intel server motherboard (L440GX) with Adaptec AIC7896/97 interface card. Knoppix starts from its ramdisk, but then fails, saying that it can't find its own CDROM. Nicely, it gives you a

really simple shell. Type 
insmod /modules/scsi/aic*
exec /linux.rc

After this, it should find the CD (and the SCSI disks) and come up without further trouble. I don't know why it doesn't work automatically, but this circumvents the problem. [[[John Gilmore, gnu@knoppixnetwiki.toad.com]]

52.Knoppix 3.4 works with alsa and gnomemeeting and skype on 5 different computers. 3.6 and 3.7 doesn't work with alsa on gnomemeeting and skype only, otherwise sound works well on everything else, with alsa or without alsa.

53. The "nodma" kernel boot switch is non-functional in Kanotix. Not so sure about Knoppix, but seems to come from the upstream packages. The hard disk and cdrom DMA mode was reenabled for installations on HD, despite the given "nodma" option. -- Mario Salzer

54. Minor Tweak: The X11 server has a different screen resolution when started via "xinit" and "startx". One runs the X Server with a --dpi 100 option, the other doesn't. Only a bit disturbing; but should be fixed if it isn't a problem from the Debian.org packages. -- Mario Salzer

55. parted, libparted are outdated, they have reportedly problems with the 2.6.x kernel series, which no longer attempts to report the optimal / most likely CHS geometry. Hence included utilities like Qt Parted and console parted screw up the partitioning and MBR, when someone runs them from the Knoppix LiveCD.

Also the ntfstools (ntfsresize) should urgently be updated. The included version 1.7.1 is overly outdated, and the recently released 1.9.4 should be used (fixes a few bugs as I've been told). Otherwise installing Knoppix on HD easily becomes a nightmare for newbies, despite graphical tools like Qt Parted being there. -- Mario Salzer

56. bashcompletion does not do what it's meant for. Generally I found the new bashcompletion script collection to randomly and unexpectetly break the whole TAB-completion feature in the bash. Haven't seen any of the magic it shall provide, but if it already breaks the basics and fills up the environment vars (run "set" and see) with crap, it ultimatively should be removed. -- Mario Salzer

57. Installed english version of knoppix 3.6 to the hard drive (with knoppix-installer) using KNOPPIX_V3.6-2004-08-16-EN.iso. Adding a new user with the command "adduser --home /home/chris/ chris" uses Dutch (I think) for the default language, not English. This should be changed so the default language for new accounts is the same as for the original knoppix account. (Chris Le Blanc: crleblancAtGmailDotCom)

58. in hd-installed knoppix: i have in /etc/fstab a share to be mounted at boot, with a space in its name coded as \040, like //fsa05140/gen\040service. At reboot the \040 is erroneously replaced by 040, resulting in a smbmount error. (Kris Van Bruwaene: krvbrAtYahooDotCoDotUk)

59. I have a wireless network card, that connects via USB port. it seems to be detected in the bootup, but yet I can't get to any websites. antilyrical ATspamcopDOTnet

60. Hot plug (kernel 2.6.7) of USB sticks does not add /etc/fstab and /mnt entries. Works under kernel 2.4.27. 'rebuildfstab' adds entries if USB stick is in place at boot time - ie not hot plug. (T.McminnATcurtinDOTedeDOTau)