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Knoppix v3.5 Linuxtag-DVD:

  • "knoppix testcd" takes a long time to run, but does not stop to show the results, /var/log/messages is empty, and also dmesg shows nothing.
  • game "vegastrike" hangs machine after the splash-screen and "Loading plantets/m_class1.png" (other games like pingus are running okay, also with sound).
  • kmidi says "cannot open /dev/sequencer" (Win Amp can play midi-files okay)
  • rosegarden4 crashes with "SIGABRT", traceback tells "no debug-info", then system operation slows to a crawl (top shows load-average 10++, mouse hardly moves, etc.)
  • This newer version of knoppix now also doesn't support some SCSI CD Burners anymore. [1]