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Bug reporting for Knoppix version 3.4 2004-05-10 only.

Give as much information as possible, add your bug to the list by clicking 'edit' at the bottom of this page.

!Please also add your name in brackets after the bug!

Keep in mind that FF=Fabianx though, so I have to write less ;-). The next number below means the next "free" bug number. Please increment it, after adding a bug.

Open Bugs (next number=15)

1. In English version, Open Office word processor has submenus in German, under File->Auto-Pilot and File->New.(JD)

2. Some users have reported slow, jerky or less responsive pointer movement in kernel 2.6 with optical mouse.(JD)

3. The losetup and mount programs have not been patched to support the multi-key setup of loop-aes. From loop-aes README file: "Setting up multi-key gpg key-file and using that key-file with old single-key only aware losetup/mount programs is dangerous." SOLUTION: This can be fixed by replacing the outdated mount-aes package with loop-aes-utils package from Debian. Please also include the aespipe package (installed size is only 88 kB) in KNOPPIX.

4. Kernel 2.6 hangs when trying to use Netgear FA310-TX. Instead of the tulip driver Knoppix is using de4x5.c which works under the 2.4 kernel provided but not with the 2.6 one. Would be great to have a cheat code or expert mode to select which driver to use for the network card. This is first distro that is not using the tulip driver for these cards. (BH)

5. HP Pavilion ZD7000 Kernel 2.4 need to type acpi=off at bootprompt to get Logitech USB mouse and La Cie Big Disk Firewire working. La Cie Big Disk works only with Firewire but not with USB connection and needs Kernel 2.4.
ALSA at bootprompt needed for sound.
Wireless Broadcom not detected, wlcardconfig says no wireless network. (Jose)

6. Not enough permissions for Midnight Commander to open subshell with user knoppix.
/dev/ptmx has permissions 0644. As a result the following message is displayed in mc when you try to open shell:
"subshell.c: couldn't open master side of pty
ptyopenmaster: Permission denied"
The bug is present since Knoppix 3.3 and may possibly affect other programs trying to open a terminal.
Proposed solution: either make permissions for /dev/ptmx 0666 or make it 0664 and include knoppix in group "tty". (Vasco)

7. Kernel 2.6 only. Serial mouse is not working. Please try to fix this. If it is not easy to always automatically detect a serial mouse what about force detection with a new cheatcode? Best regards, (oscar)

8. With Kernel 2.4, ipw2100 needs the FSAM module to support the radio kill switch of Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M 7400 notebooks, see rfswitch home page. With Kernel 2.6 ipw2100 simply doesn't work at all, the wifi card isn't detected (on the same computer). (Julien)

9. HP Vectra VL 400 doesn´t boot - CD is not found. The IDE cdrom is detected, module loaded. The vl400 seems not to support framebuffer? (flop) CD at boot not found: The option "nodma" or "atapicd" helped me in this case. atapicd might run faster, but cd-burning might not be possible(haveaniceday)

10. Create persistent home script in Knoppix menu - saving to HD partition. In both this version and 2004-05-17, take a look at this thread, See this thread and see if you agree that this is a bug. My point is that I follow the script prompts for making a persistent home on a HD partition, but it doesn't work. Can the script be fixed, and if not, shouldn't it be removed?(JD)

11. Captive NTFS script is still buggy, and hangs my computer unless I manually copy the files it's searching for to a USB thumbdrive and umount the Windows drive prior to installation. See this thread (JD)

12. Kernel 2.6 only. The system hangs unless dhcp=no is coded. The system never actually works with a lan. This is on two different Dell Dimension systems on two different lans running under Microsoft Virtual PC. (the 2.4 kernel works ok) One uses dhcp the other does not. The system just seems to hang. (jmc) Same thing seems to happen on ENDAT-370 but adding dhcp=no to the kernel boot cmd does not resolve. (CM)

13. ISA modem works with Kernel 2.4 but not 2.6. Modem does not initialize on 2.6.... Isapnp recognizes modem, kppp modules are available but never loaded. (Terry)

14. Boot terminates after not finding filesystem. When I boot in safemode it does boot up but screen flashes so refresh rate is not right. I need the cheat codes to set it correctly. I tried various options suggested in the help screen but none of them worked. The copy of Knoppix I am using is 3.4.. (HR)