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En español botaje.


In computing, booting is a process that starts operating systems when the user turns on a computer system. The origin of the word may be from the wild west in America. The image of a cowboy pulling himself up by his bootstraps after a long night drinking is the usual idea. You may also hear booting refered to as bootstrapping for this very reason. The computer is trying to pull itself up by its bootstraps.

Gnoppix during the booting shows the syslinux bootprompt:


At the syslinux bootprompt, a user can type one or more Cheat Codes. The additional codes alter the default boot sequence. After the Cheat Codes are entered the Enter key is used to start the bootstrapping process. If the default options are OK, then the user can press Enter without typing Cheat Codes. For example, the default keyboard in the German version of knoppix is great for German speaking individuals. This person would hit the Enter key to take the defaults and starte knoppix. Howwever, an English speaking person would type

linux lang=en

at the boot prompt.

See : booting on Wikipedia

Different methods of boot

->here we describe methods that can boot knoppix as it was on cd (iso or cloop(KNOPPIX))

why not booting the usual way:

->some people do not have the cd writer

->some people do not have a dvd writer and want to use the dvd-image

->faster on hdd(the hdd is normaly faster than a cd/dvd drive)

->can use the cd-rom/dvd-rom drive

->consume less power on laptops(hdd consume less than cd)


as it boots from hd... there are several issues with:


->fsck of the partition where reside the knoppix image

->security reasons (booting from cd can be prevented by the bios but here if you can boot from hd you can boot knoppix)

CD/dvd based bootloader

->use the cd in order to boot an iso image

Hdd based boot loader

->boot from the hd

On Linux system

this method is caled "linux" because it needs

->grub,lilo or another linux bootloader installed

->a filesystem readeable by grub/lilo/others (ext2/reiserfs...)



Others boot loaders

Others boot methods



->works by storing the boot loader on a floppy