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I am heartened by the changes in 5.01CD. I've figured out how to fix the modem issue, and gpm works again in mc. now if only it would work in the curses shell scripts... I am happy to see my airlink usb ethernet adapter is automatically detected, and Xorg's improved monitor support is much appreciated.

Thu Apr 13 00:41:00 PDT 2006


I am a kinda beginner--a bit more advanced than a newbie. I started with v3.3, then moved to v3.4 [thanks for the cd, kyle] then used v3.7, 3.81, 4.02. I also try D.S.L. from time to time. [a v3.4 fork] I'm interested in twin and would love to see it on a cd.

I am saddened to see the lack of the 2.4 kernel--everything seemed to work much better back then.

I am quite happy to see the wiki working. open source *depends* on feedback from the users.

have a nice day