Samba Quick FAQ

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Some useful stuff:

  • start samba server:
/etc/init.d/samba start
  • change default config:
vi /etc/samba/smb.conf
/etc/init.d/samba restart
  • delete & re-add the knoppix samba user (otherwise it complains about authentication) and create a password:
smbpasswd -x knoppix
smbpasswd -a knoppix
  • test it's working by bringing up a limited shell pointed at the knoppix *home dir (use exit to exit):
smbclient -U knoppix //localhost/knoppix
  • Configure networking
-try 'yes' to autoconfigure  (This didn't work for me.  No idea why.)
  • If the network interface card is correctly configured, you should see BOTH the loopback interface AND a local network address. It takes up about 15 lines. If yes, you're golden, if not..
  • From another machine on the network, log on to the router. (Look at the instructions that came with your router for how to do this.) In my Siemens SpeedStream 2614 4 port DSL/Cable Router, the location is and after logging in, the opening page shows the following:

INTERNET Cable/DSL : CONNECTED WAN IP: 74.68.xx.yyy Subnet Mask: Gateway IP: 74.68.ff.ggg DNS:

In 'Simple Setup' the allowed range of IP addresses is defined.

  • From your root shell, enter this sequence of commands:
netcardconfig --select 'no' to manually configure the NIC
   -enter an unused IP address in the acceptable range for your router
   -when asked for the following, enter the information from the router:
   -Subnet Mask:  
(I accepted the default,,  and it worked fine.  
Like I said, I'm not an expert!)
   -Gateway IP: (from your router)  74.68.ff.ggg
   -Name server: DNS:   ('Domain Name Server')

to see if network interface card is correctly configured, as above. If not, lather, rinse, repeat. If it is, try

ping   (the IP address of the router above)  and 
ping 192.168.254.xxy   (the IP address of the other machine)
(Hit <CTRL> C   to stop the pinging!)

If this works, you're in!

  • Again from your root shell enter
lisa  (to start something Samba needs.)
  • Close the popup notification window it opens.
  • From the Knoppix menu select 'Start Samba Service'
  • From the Knoppix menu select 'Show SMB neighborhood' (or 'Network neighborhood', or something similar)
  • Click on the 'Home' command bar icon to open a Konqueror window in file browser configuration.
  • In the address bar, type SMB://(validusername on machine you want to log onto)@(IP address of the machine you want to log onto) e.g.:

You will be directed to log in. Enter the username and password for validusername on the other machine. You should see a top level directory of the other machine. Yippee!!