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Console may be:

In computing and video games: Computer console, a physical device to operate a computer Virtual console, a user interface for multiple computer consoles on one device Command line interface, the typical use of the computer console Terminal emulator, a program that substitutes for a computer console or computer terminal Win32 console, the terminal emulator of Microsoft Windows Console (video game CLI), a game command-line user interface element for personal computer games originated in Quake Video game console, a specific device for playing video games Handheld game console, a specific lightweight and portable device for playing video games A secondary web browser window pop-up

In music: Organ console, which includes the keys, stops, and foot pedals for playing music. Mixing console, a device for controlling and combining audio signals Console (musician) (indie rock), a music project by Martin Gretschmann Tape recorder (also used for computer tape) Timpani console, a set of timpani.

Console may also refer to: Lighting control console, a device for controlling theatrical lighting A small cabinet, which gave its name to the computer consoles Comforting someone in distress Corbel, a support element in the architecture of a construction such as a balcony A type of home entertainment center, with various home electronics housed in a self-contained unit A storage compartment in the center of a bucket seating setup for modern-day automobiles